Brand Symbol

Why the dandelion?

Perhaps no other flower symbolizes the act of rebellion as beautifully as the dandelion does. For centuries, gardeners have cursed the dandelion as a weed in their otherwise perfectly maintained gardens, but it is safe to say that they probably do so with a smile. There is something about the dandelion in particular that cheers anyone who picks it up. The dandelion has come to symbolize a great many things throughout the years but perhaps our favorite tale — and the one familiar to most of you — is that to pick up a dandelion is to make a wish, and to blow it away is to have your wish come true. For centuries, the dandelion has symbolized resilience and strength. After all, the weed from the daisy family can grow practically anywhere there is a pinch of soil or a crack in the sidewalk. Its etymological meaning stems from the French words “dent-de-lion,” meaning “lion’s tooth,” due to the jagged shape of its leaves. Since the dandelion can sprout in near impossible conditions, it is no wonder people say the flower symbolizes the inward strength to not only rise above life’s challenges, but thrive. And although the dandelion may seem fragile — after all, anyone can pick it up and quite literally blow it away — something magical happens when they do. Its downy tufts land elsewhere, and what was once one is now more, multiplying in its path, and paving its own journey upon journey, making its way all over the world. Much like our beloved dandelion, we know that we will spread the Rebel message all over the world. We have made our wishful intention known to the world and, like dandelion tufts floating in the air, know we will be planting the seeds of our brand everywhere we go. We can’t wait for you to come along on the journey.