About Us


At Rebel, we believe we are the masters of our own journeys. We believe in the power of that adrenaline rush that comes right at the end of the workout, and harnessing it into something bigger than ourselves. Rebel is the product of knowing we can create a world in which our customers can finally find the uniquely designed sportswear they are looking for — sportswear that does not sacrifice comfort for beauty, and does not compromise ease of wear for style.

Rebel is more than a local retail sportswear & athleisure line.For a long time, rebels have had a bad reputation. Known as disruptors of society, rebels have been given the side- eye for years by those who fear change and oppose progress. But since when have we celebrated conforming to the standard? After all, history has not been changed by those who accept the norm, but rather those that reject convention, and rise above the status quo.

And if being a rebel is rejecting this notion that we must accept what is readily available, or no longer accepting that we cannot find what we are looking for, then so be it. If being a rebel means finally acknowledging that we are the masters of our own journey, then bring it on.